Ordinary women with
extraordinary stories.

Simple Jane Films is a media company founded on one solid mission: bring people together through stories that inspire positive change. Ashley Bratcher and Shelby Thomas joined forces to provide a launching pad for other Simple Janes, everyday women making a difference in the world. Both Ashley and Shelby serve as consultants for projects from script to screen.  SJF specializes in content development, team-building, and distribution strategy.

Meet the Simple Janes

Two women from nowhere on the path to somewhere.

Ashley Bratcher

CEO and one of our founding Simple Janes. Ashley is an award winning actress, producer, director, writer and the star of the box office hit, Unplanned. With nearly a decade of on set experience serving in multiple departments, she brings a breadth of knowledge to each project. In addition to her work on screen, Ashley is dedicated to using her platform to encourage positive change. Following the success of Unplanned, Ashley joined forces with Heartbeat International to establish the Unplanned Movie Scholarship, a fund that serves mothers seeking to further their education.

Shelby Thomas

Producer, manager, publicist, branding strategist and a founding Simple Jane. Shelby holds a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Business Studies and has built a global network, working with major international media outlets in Ireland, Jamaica, Italy, the Philippines, and Canada. In the US, Shelby has developed strong relationships with network studios, news outlets, and industry trade professionals.

Projects in Development


Pharma is the true story of a courageous young doctor who takes a job with the FDA in 1960 and moves her family to Washington D.C. There she is thrust into a man's world where big pharma pulls the strings. She risks her marriage, career, and even her life uncovering the truth to save the lives of thousands, fighting to keep a life-threatening drug off the market.

Like I'm Dying

Given two weeks to live, a jingle writer sets out on an adventure prompted by her ex to do all the things she put off to climb the corporate ladder.

The Merrytime Matchmaker

A world traveling bachelor receives a desperate plea to come home for the holidays and gets more than the Christmas gift he bargained for. He must take over as the quaint surf town's infamous matchmaker to make a match before Christmas.

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